Saturday, March 3, 2012


In the law of the law world, you receive what you give out. If you want to receive a shirt, you pay the amount requested for the shirt. Which maybe equal to the quality of the shirt or possibly even more than the cost to make the shirt. You give out more to get less. Or rather to get what you want. You pay way more to exactly what you want or as close to it as possible rather than what may be best.
In the kingdom of heaven, seeds are the currency and they are not exchanged for goods or services. They are sown, into ground. Quite literally never to be seen again. Unlike exchanging four quarters for a dollar, you don't get back the same thing you put in. Seeds are transformative. The affect not only the soil they are grown in but the atmosphere surround it. They grow to least ten times the size of he original seed. Not to mention seeds are also living and active currency. With money, they transaction is done after the exhange is made. End of story....line terminated. But seed sowing is deeper. After a seeds is planted it must be cared for...watered and watched after.
Its a more engaged process then our supply and demand, consumerist culture.
In the kingdom of God, seeds are sown into the heart, and what is produced is far greater or rather more mature than what was sown in. If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, what greatness can a seed planted in a fertile heart produce?
I have one answer... A life changed. #speaklife